Services Overview



Clinic patients begin with a 75 min in-office initial mental health consultation. The assessment reviews relevant history, present symptoms, and current life situation. Dr. Harding partners with each patient to formulate personalized treatment goals. Consultations are also available for individuals looking to gain fresh input on their current treatment strategy.

Dr. Harding works with adults of all ages looking to feel better and add more joy, meaning, and purpose to their lives. She helps people with symptoms that may hold them back such as anxiety, social/performance fears, depression, irritability, burnout, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and women’s mental health concerns. Dr. Harding also helps individuals adjust to new medical diagnoses and function better with chronic illness.



Dr. Harding runs “The Rabbit Effect Experience” group sessions. The small seminars focus on the rings of the hidden factors of health. Participants get support in identifying and tweaking the invisible social factors in their lives that impact health and wellbeing. While the groups do not address depression or other psychiatric conditions directly, they offer practical tools to augment other mental health services.

“The Rabbit Effect Experience” is available on-line for individuals unable to attend in person meetings in the New York City area. Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in joining the on-line waitlist.



Dr. Harding knows organizations that thrive can create a profound ripple effect on the health of the people that work there and their communities. If you’re looking to boost the health of your organization, Dr. Harding offers talks and workshops that inspire compassion, connection, and community. Her signature style blends engaging storytelling with fascinating scientific evidence to jumpstart organizational transformation.

“[A]n inspiring guide that will appeal to health enthusiasts fed up with the usual '10-step fitness plan or . . . two-week diet.' . . . Harding’s book will leave readers with much to ponder and . . . an encouraging rationale for treating others more kindly.” – Publishers Weekly